Producing Developing Curating sharing
  • Producing

    First and foremost, we are creative producers and our work sits at the crossroads where genres and disciplines meet, blend and blur.

  • Developing

    We regularly undertake research and development projects in order to constantly respond to the Arts ecology and improve our practices.

  • Curating

    We look after a number of projects, artists and artworks and strive to craft unique experiences for our audiences.

  • Sharing

    We regularly promote events in an attempt to bring excellent art to diverse audiences. We are also committed to sharing skills and knowledge with other organisations and artists.

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Current Projects

  • Older lady 1920s arrested

    Queering The Care Home

    A new project by artist & creative producer Leo Burtin, devised in collaboration with the queer de la crème of socially engaged practitioners, end of life specialists and older people.

  • Diary entry in french close up

    Homemade: The Midnight Soup

    The Midnight Soup is an invitation, to supper and to a conversation. A performance meal for 12 guests at a time.

  • encft


    Encounters is a one day micro-festival of public interventions

  • Photograph of Le Bistro by Leo Burtin

    Homemade: Le Bistroquet

    Le Bistroquet is a pop-up restaurant where the menu needs you!

  • pub culture

    Pub Culture

    Pub Culture is a series of events that take place in some of Britain's best loved social spaces.

  • Dance cuts

    Dance Cuts

    Dance Cuts is a micro-festival of dance produced by Live At LICA and Ludus Dance

  • ccft

    Creative Careers

    Creative Careers is a regular networking and professional support opportunity.

  • ftltft

    First Time – Last Time

    First Time - Last Time was a one off curatorial experiment.

  • wildft


    Wildlife is a project by LEAP associate artist Lani Irving and supported by Lost & Found festival.

  • crackft


    Cracking is a story telling project by Emma Geraghty, presented in various forms.

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